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Delicious Deluxe, often referred to as Delicious 1, is the first game in the series. It was released on Zylom on July 13, 2006. It has the same basic gameplay as the other games and has a story mode (City to City) and an endless mode (Day In, Day Out). Story mode features eight restaurants of five days each. It was nominated for the Best Casual game of the Year 2006.

Full walkthrough from Gamezebo can be found here.


The gameplay is essentially the same as the one that was used in all of the sequels. Customers come in and Emily must serve them before they get angry, clear the tables, and handle payment. She must achieve a certain goal of points to be able to progress to the next day, but there are no expert goals. The gameplay is also restricted in that Emily cannot add items to her tray that haven't been ordered. After finishing each restaurant, the player recieves a reward to make gameplay a little easier (see below). The awarded chocolates can be used to cheer up impatient customers.


Although Delicious mainly focused on gameplay, the main storyline was that Emily just bought her first restaurant and worked her way up the career ladder, working at more fancy places. Each restaurant attracts a different type of customers, and offers a combination of several of the ten different food products.


thumb|link=Emily's Dream
Ingame description: Your first restaurant. Take it easy. Your customers will allow you the time to learn the tricks of the trade.
Reward: A larger tray (4 slots)

After finishing all five days in Emily's Dream, the following restaurants are unlocked.

Dozy Diner
Ingame description: Don't panic when the customers come flocking in. Your service will cheer every customer up.
Reward: Chocolate truffles to please your customers

The Knapsack
Ingame description: A delicious tomato soup will go down well during lunch. Don't forget to stir the soup from time to time or it will boil over and you will have to clean it up.
Reward: A larger tray (5 slots)

Ristorante Picante
Ingame description: Everybody loves delicious crunchy cookies. Bake more in the oven when you have none left. Make sure they don't burn!
Reward: A star for your restaurant

After finishing all days of these three restaurants, the following restaurants are unlocked.

Ambiance Suprême
Ingame description: The youngsters would like to hang around in your restaurant for hours. Luckily they need to go to school from time to time. Make sure your finger is ready to press the blender button.
Reward: Cherry liqueur chocolates

Single Bite
Ingame description: I think there is an event going on. There are tourists everywhere and everybody seems to have a lot of time to spare.
Reward: A larger tray (6 slots)

Cut the Mustard

The cleaner

Ingame description:
Use a businesslike approach to deal with all the people that flock in during lunch time.
Reward: An employee who helps to clear up

After finishing all days of these three restaurants, the final restaurant is unlocked.

Cittá Grande
Ingame description: 'Crowds of people move through the city every day. Do you have enough time to serve everybody in a friendly manner? Don't forget that city-dwellers are quick to take offence.
Reward: A star for your restaurant

Delicious winter editionEdit


Emily on the loading screen

Delicious winter edition
was released in November 2006. It was identical to the first game except that the food products were replaced with more Christmas an winter themed items, such as egg nog and fruit cake. Customers also come in wearing warmer clothes, and Emily wears a red apron instead of the typical orange one.


Delicious on Zylom

Delicious winter edition on Zylom

Delicious online version on Zylom

Delicious winter edition online version on Zylom

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