Delicious 11 or Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home is the 11th installment of the Delicious Series. It was released on June 4 for Funpass players and on June 18 to Non-Funpass players. The game is also available through the Apple Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon Store.

Location of photos Edit

Throughout the game, you get the opportunity to take pictures of memorable moments. These pictures will appear framed throughout Emily's House. After you've made the picture, when replaying the same level you will not be able to re-take it. This is where the moments and photo's are located:

Paige’s bedroom Paige and her friend are playing –  2nd scene at the start of level 1 Stargazing – scene at the end of level 37

Toilet Medal of bravery – scene at the end of level 19

Living room Baseball playing –scene at the end of level 7 Angela’s gift – scene at the end of level 51 Marissa’s Trophy – scene at the start of level 50 The family is sleeping – scene at the end of level 24 Friends in the Fun Park – scene at the end of level 30

Restaurant Party – scene at the end of level 60

Bedroom Patrick finishes his work – scene at the end of level 45

Attic Patrick and the scouts – scene at the end of level 16 Moon Blossom and the tree – scene at the beginning of level 39

Trivia Edit

  • There is no official release date, or even a hint of a release date, for an actual disk version of the game, as there has been no news or announcement of it.
    Emily's Home Sweet Home Cover
  • In the end of Emily's Home Sweet Home, there was originally going to be a teaser for the new possible line of games called Fabulous which features Angela instead of our heroine, Emily.

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