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The Title screen

Delicious: Emily's True Love or Delicious 7 the seven installment of the 

Delicious series

It was released on Zylom on November 30, 2011. The game has also been released as Platinum edition, with bonus features as 10 bonus game levels, 10 exclusive restaurant itens, a strategy guide, wallpa

pers and screensavers.


The gameplay in Delicious 7 is the same as in the previous game. It includes five restaurants of ten days each. Each day Emily must achieve a certain goal in a set amount of time, and optionally an expert goal. Customers are able to choose from a variety of products, which Emily must then prepare and serve before they get angry. Then she handles the payment and cleans the tables. Like the previous games, this game also has an entertainer and cleaner for each restaurant.


Apart from new products and restaurants, this game continues the mouse mini-game, in which the player must click on the mouse that pops on the screen every now then. The mouse will give you 100 poins and a trophy can be earned for catching all 50 mice. The game also continues the line of mini-games through each day in which you have to fulfill an action (clean dirty dishes from previus day, collect scattered objects on the screen, etc) that gives you a certain amount of points when completed.

One new big feature of this game is the intelligent register line, in which the customers do not wait behind another if there's a space vacant. This improvement from previous games helps the player maintain the customers high level of satisfaction and form combos of action more easily.

Characters (under construction)Edit

Emily is the main character once more.






Jean Paul






Plot (under construction)Edit


There are 26 trophies to earn in this game. They take the form of chocolates on a heart-shaped valentines box.

Three Variations: Place 3 variations of a single product on your tray

Sweet Tooth: Fill your tray with desserts 10 times

I'll take that two: Deliver the same order two times in a row

Oops I did it again: Delete 20 items from your tray and complete the day

Making Evelyn proud: Finish 5 successive days whitout leaving any dirty tables

Home: Finish the first restaurant

Serving charcoal: Burn ten dishes and complete the day on expert

Let me entertain you: Entertain all seated customers during a whole day

Women's intuition: Have a complete order on your tray before the order is placed, 2 times in a row

Delicious expert: Achieve expert score on all days

Shopping spree: Buy all shop items in all five restaurants

Making some room: Clean a dirty table just in time so waiting customers will sit down

Ring the bell: Pick 50 bell peppers during a day

Deliciously quick: Serve 100 products each within 5 seconds

Combolicious: Get a 2 costumer bonus three tiimes in a row

Trying for target: Get only the target score three days in a row

Time flies: Finish the second restaurant

Haute cuisine: Finish the fourth restaurant

Keep on walking: Let Emily walk 15 miles

Leaving your tracks: Finish the third restaurant

Making Snuggy proud: Find the in every level

Ka-Chinggg: Use your register one-thousand times

Saving for the future: Have 1,000 Decoration money or more your checkbook

That's pretty cheesy: Serve 150 dishes using any kind of cheese as an ingredient

Ectasy: Make sure all your customers in Restaurant 5 - Emily's return leave feeling ecstatic during a day

The finishing touch: Finish the fifth restaurant


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