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Delicious 7 or Delicious: Emily's True Love is the newest Delicious game that will be released in November 2011. Very little is known about it, however a scrapped screenshot shows Emily and her friends and family in Venice, implying that she may work in different countries this time. This speculation is supported by a newer piece of concept art that shows Emily holding a map, presumably in Australia, with an emu, kangaroo and koala watching her. Emily will also be getting married, as shown in promotional art. Beta testing for this game began in June 2011.

Game description: "Celebrate the romance of a lifetime with Delicious - Emily's True Love Premium Edition.

Every young girl dreams of the perfect day when she walks down the aisle and takes the hand of that special someone who will share in her happiness for the rest of her life. That day has finally arrived for Emily. Who will it be? "

In the time management game Heart's Medicine:Season One, which is also produced by Gamehouse, a player can find a menu as an easter egg in one of the levels, with the description saying that it may have a big role in Delicious 7.


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