Emily's Holiday Season

Release Date:

November 18, 2009



Available on:

PC, Mac, web

On November 18, 2009, Delicious 5 was released as Delicious: Emily's Holiday Season. Emily settled in a little town called Snuggford to celebrate the holidays together with her friends and family. Besides that, two handsome young men are being introduced to Emily's life. The names of these young men are Paul and Richard, whom Emily finds herself having to choose between, as well as dealing with problems among friends and family.

Gamezebo rated the game 4 out of 5 stars, and praised the well-written story and dialogue. In fact, the story and the dialogue are not only a decoration to the game but an important part of it,involving actively the player into the dialogue. Emily becomes a character with feelings and hopes.

Delicious: Emily's Holiday Season is available both on desktopfor Maconline and in the Amazon app store.

Link to complete walkthrough on Gamezebo.

Features Edit

Adding your name and choosing your difficulty level has been integrated in the game. In the first scene, Emily is shoveling snow and Francois is reluctant to help, so Emily addresses the player to help.

The game, just like the last one, consists of 5 restaurants that you manage over 10 days (10 levels) each.

As always, there are mice in every level that you can click to get bonus points. In the first restaurant, the mice wear Santa hats to mark the snow/Christmas setting of the game.

The trophies are the same as in the 4th installment, as they are depicted by fireworks in the back of Emily's car.

Target and expert scores are shown through piles of coins.

Characters Edit

Emily is the main character.

Francois is Emily's best friend.

Richard is the owner of the Snuggford hotel.

Paul also works at the hotel.

Angela is Emily's sister. She arrives at restaurant 1, day 2.

Emily's parents, Evelyn and Edward, arrive for the Holiday dinner an couple of days later.

Antonio, Emily's uncle, comes to dinner too.

Other Snuggford friends dining with Emily include Betty and Elvis, Tashi and Mo and Maggy and Bill.

Aldo is the banker that Richard owes money to (for the hotel).

Gameplay Edit

Restaurant 1: Snuggford Hotel Edit

Emily wants to celebrate the Holidays with her family here, but immediately gets hired by Richard. One of the special features of this restaurant is that Emily also receives and gives out hotel room keys and mail to guests.

Special assignments per day:

  1. dust away spiderwebs
  2. find spiders
  3. place Angela's namecards
  4. greet and serve friends and family (mini-game at the end of the regular day)
  5. clean the dinner table
  6. talk to friends
  7. catch Richard
  8. answer Paul's personal questions
  9. win an dance competition (mini-game at the end of the regular day)
  10. talk to Paul and Richard

Restaurant 2: Snuggford Winter Fair Edit

At the winter fair, Francois reluctantly dresses like an elf (day 3) and entertains the guests. The little boy who set off the fireworks in Delicious 4 is back to help with cleaning tables. Santa is also present at the fair and you can get bonus points when you let Francois take a picture whenever there's a child sitting with Santa.

The Santa's Secret-trophy can be obtained here when you click on the presents to the left of Santa. One of the packages opens and a mini-Francois-elf pops out.There is also a ladybug in the level that you can find and click on to get a message from the developers.

In level 6, you play with Richard, who helps customers because Emily burned her hand. In level 9, Angela and Paul have apparently hooked up during skiing and they come to the fair to light a candle.

Special assignments per day:

  1. build a snowman
  2. snowstorm (no assignment)
  3. find Francois 6 times
  4. clean Paul (from the snowball-fight)
  5. chase Tashi's dog 6 times
  6. serve with Richard (no assignment)
  7. receive packages
  8. find 12 postcards
  9. keep 4 candles burning
  10. click on singers

Restaurant 3: Snuggford Hotel (renovated) Edit

Restaurant 4: Ski Slope Edit

Restaurant 5: Mo's Farm Edit

We've been here in the previous game as well.

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