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September 24, 2008



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Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden is the third installment in the Delicious series. It was released on September 24, 2008. It holds on to the basic gameplay of Delicious 2, with a few added features. Again, it has a story mode and an endless mode.


Gameplay in Emily's Tea Garden is the same is in previous games; Emily must prepare and serve food and handle the payment of customers. The game features five new restaurants with ten levels of gameplay each.

New featuresEdit

  • Customers can call in for reservations. Placing a reservation card on a table before the group arrives earns bonus points.
  • There is a mouse hidden in each level. Finding them earns bonus points.
  • New customer type: posh

New charactersEdit


Emily wants to build her very own tea garden. She applies for a loan with the bank and works in different restaurants to pay back her loan installments. Evelyn Sleezley, the manager of the bank, wants to take over the development herself and tries everything in her power to make Emily fail. In the end, Emily's hard work pays off and she gets to own the tea garden of her dreams.

Emily's DiaryEdit

Like in Delicious 2, two scenarios are available for each restaurant in endless mode. They can be unlocked by completing the restaurant and completing each day on expert mode, respectively. On the selection screen, each scenario has a line of text describing the scenario.

Hank's Western BBQ & Grill
Everyone just wanted to have a barbecue today... Only BBQ products.

Hank's Western BBQ & Grill (Expert)
Everyone was in a hurry and didn't take the time to sit down... Only take out.

The Beach Club
We had a singles night, but most of the mingling happened in the line... Only single customers.

The Beach Club (Expert)
It seemed like the whole town was here at the same time... Customers enter in waves.

The Seafood Restaurant
All my pans are being replaced, so I had to use the small ones... One serving at a time.

The Seafood Restaurant (Expert)
It felt like everything took twice as long to prepare today... Longer preparation time.

The Posh Restaurant
Everyone wanted to be sure of a seat and called ahead... Lots of reservations.

The Posh Restaurant (Expert)
Alfonse thought a small tray would look more stylish... Smaller tray size.

Emily's Tea Garden
Today, people knew exactly what they wanted... Customers order quickly.

Emily's Tea Garden (Expert)
All the hungry people in the world came to my tea garden today... Double orders.


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