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The title screen. From left to right: Emily, Norma, Ziggy, Francois

Delicious 2 is the sequel to the original Delicious game. The game features five restaurants of ten days each in story mode (Antonio's Restaurants), as well as an endless mode (The Happy Customer). Delicious 2 was released on Zylom on June 29, 2007.

Full walkthrough from Gamezebo can be found here.


The gameplay in Delicious 2 is essentially the same as in the first game. Each day, Emily has a goal to achieve within a certain time limit before the restaurant closes. Each day also has an expert goal to achieve which will give the player more decoration money and a trophy if all the expert goals are achieved, but this is not required to complete the game. To earn money, Emily must serve prepare the ordered food products and deliver them to her customers, who may choose either to sit down at a table to eat their meals, or come to the counter for their food. After finishing their food, one of the customers will come to the counter to pay (counter customers will want to pay immediately after being served) and then leave the restaurant. Emily, Francois or Marcello must then clean the table in order for new customers to be able to sit down there. Customers must be served quickly as they gradually lose their patience. When they get angry, they'll storm out and the player loses points. This can be avoided by serving them quickly. Customers will also get a mood raise if an entertainer comes to their table. After completing all ten days of each restaurant, the next one will become available. Unlike in the original game, in Delicious 2 each restaurant features a variety of different dishes.

New featuresEdit

Apart from the variety in dishes, Delicious 2 introduces a lot of new features, such as being the first Delicious game to have an actual plot. The story is told through cutscenes, which typically shows two characters talking to each other. It also introduces major characters that have appeared in many of the other sequels. Instead of chocolates to keep her customers happy, Emily can now hire entertainers and send them over to perform for a table that needs a mood boost. The game also has a catalog that the player can buy decorations from to fix the restaurants up. It also features a trophy cabinet, where trophies will be added for certain achievements (ie. completing the game with all expert levels).


Emily is the main character and the one that the player controls. She's helpful, brave and confident, and helps her uncle Antonio to pay off a huge debt by working in his restaurants.

Antonio is Emily's uncle and a new character. His son Marcello has ran off and left him in debt, and he calls upon Emily for help.

Francois is another character to make his debut. Shrewd, although sometimes a little bitter, he's Emily's best friend. He is an interior decorator and offers Emily decorations for the restaurants she works in. He also works as her busboy a couple of times.

Marcello is Antonio's son and Emily's cousin. He's gambled all of Antonio's money and disappeared without a trace, leaving Antonio in debt.

Norma is a friend of Marcello's. She often helps Emily by entertaining her customers. When Marcello comes back she makes him work with them to make up for his actions.

Ziggy is a guitarist who entertains Emily's guests in the first restaurant.

Freddy Fries is the game's antagonist. Antonio owes him money, and Freddie tries to put him out of business so that people will come to his own cafetaria.


Emily gets an unexpected call from her uncle Antonio. He tells her that Marcello has disappeared and asks for Emily's help in the restaurants. Emily sets up a lemonade stall in order to raise enough money to keep the Bistro open. Before long, Francois runs into her in the park. She tells him that she'll explain the situation to him later, to which he replies that she should fix up the place a bit, opening his decoration catalog for her. With the help of Francois, Norma and Ziggy, Emily gradually makes enough money to keep all of Antonio's restaurants open. To get back at Freddy Fries, she decides to open her own sushi bar and steal his customers away from him.

Endless ModeEdit

Each restaurant has two levels in endless mode. To unlock them, the player must complete all ten days of the restaurant (normal scenario) and complete all ten days with all expert levels (expert scenario). In this mode the player must try to last as many consecutive days as possible. On the selection screen, each scenario has a little paragraph explaining what's going on and how it affects gameplay.

The ParkEdit

Such lovely weather. Everybody is walking through the park with happy smiles on their faces. Customers come in with great moods

The Park (Expert)Edit

It's holiday time and all the children are playing in the park. I hope I can scoop ice creams fast enough. Lots of children coming to the restaurant

The BistroEdit

I've never had so many tips before. Did everybody get their tax returns? Higher tips

The Bistro (Expert)Edit

Sweet is the new trend. The cookies and cakes are a big hit. High demand for cookies and pie

The Italian RestaurantEdit

Oh no, a flu epidemic. Uncle Antonio and Francois are ill. Today I'm on my own. No Francois and Antonio to help out

The Italian Restaurant (Expert)Edit

Where do all the love birds come from? Could it be Valentine's Day today? Customers come in pairs of two

The CafetariaEdit

It's been raining all week. I've never seen so many sour faces. Customers come in with bad moods

The Cafetaria (Expert)Edit

I can't find my big tray anywhere. I'll have to use the small one today. Smaller tray

The Sushi BarEdit

Why is everybody coming in on their own today? Only single customers

The Sushi Bar (Expert)Edit

People are hungry. Double orders galore. Lots of double orders


Marble Icecream: Complete the Park

Copper Croissant: Complete the Bistro

Bronze Espresso: Complete the Italian Restaurant

Silver Hamburger: Complete the Cafetaria

Golden Chopsticks: Complete the Sushi Bar

Restauranteur Extraordinaire: Get all expert scores

Excellent Taste: Buy all special decorations

Employee of the Month: Have 100 happy customers leave your restaurant

You should be ashamed: Have 50 customers leave angry

Fire Brigade Subscription: Burn 100 products

Tip Magnet: Get 10,000 worth of tips

Money Shovel: Get at least 100,000 points in any scenario in endless mode


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