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June 29, 2007


Zylom Studios

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Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden

Delicious 2 is the second installment in the Delicious series. The game features five restaurants of ten days each in story mode (Antonio's Restaurants), as well as an endless mode (The Happy Customer). 

The main storyline of the game is as follows: Emily is asked by her Uncle Antonio to help him in his restaurants when his (the Uncle's) son, Marcello, runs off and leaves him to run the restaurants by himself. The game introduces a cast of new characters and begins to flesh out Emily's character.


Apart from the variety in dishes, Delicious 2 introduces a lot of new features, such as being the first Delicious game to have an actual plot. The story is told through cut scenes, which typically shows two characters talking to each other. It also introduces major characters that have appeared in many of the other sequels.

Instead of chocolates to keep her customers happy, Emily can now hire entertainers and send them over to perform for a table that needs a mood boost. The game also has a catalog that the player can buy decorations from to fix the restaurants up. It also features a trophy cabinet, where trophies will be added for certain achievements (ie. completing the game with all expert levels).


Emily is the main character and the one that the player controls. She's helpful, brave and confident, and helps her uncle Antonio to pay off a huge debt by working in his restaurants.

Antonio is Emily's uncle and a new character. His son Marcello has ran off and left him in debt, and he calls upon Emily for help.

François is another character to make his debut. Shrewd, although sometimes a little bitter, he's Emily's best friend. He is an interior decorator and offers Emily decorations for the restaurants she works in. He also works as her busboy a couple of times.

Freddy Fries is the game's antagonist. Antonio owes him money, and Freddie tries to put him out of business so that people will come to his own cafeteria.

Marcello is Antonio's son and Emily's cousin. He has gambled all of Antonio's money and disappeared without a trace, leaving Antonio in debt.

Norma is a friend of Marcello's. She often helps Emily by entertaining her customers. When Marcello comes back she makes him work with them to make up for his actions.

Ziggy is a guitarist who entertains Emily's guests in the first restaurant.


The gameplay is essentially the same as in the first game. There are five restaurant with ten levels each. Each day, Emily has a goal to achieve within a certain time limit before the restaurant closes, and optionally an expert goal. Customers come in, alone or in a group, and choose to either sit down at a table or take out. Emily must serve them their order, and accept payment, before they become impatient and leave. Order sizes vary from 1 to 2 items for a single customer, and up to 4 items for a group.

There are types of items that customers can order, which increases in number and complexity as the game progresses:

  • Items that are ready to serve, and have no limit capacity. When ordered, these items can be served right away, without preparing or restocking.
  • Items that need to be restocked after a few servings.
  • Items that are first combined, and then served.
  • Items that are first grilled, fried or baked, and then stocked up or not. These items will burn if they are baked too long though.
  • Items that need to be mixed from time to time otherwise they'll spill or burn.

Seated customers leave behind messy tables, which must be cleaned before other customers can sit down. If there are no clean tables available when new customers come in, they will leave. Since customers can be very impatient, an entertainer is introduced at some point on the restaurant. Entertainers can give seated customers a mood boost, giving Emily more time to serve them. Happier customers also leave bigger tips.

Beside of the profit Emily makes during a day, she can earn up to 200 decoration money that can be spent on decorating her restaurant. This money is won by achieving the expert goal.

The First RestaurantEdit

  • The Park
  • The Park Decoration Menu

The Park is Emily’s city park where some food stands are mounted. It  8 unique deliverable items:

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Soda
    • Pink lemonade
    • Salt popcorn
    • Sweet popcorn
  • Combining items:
    • Ice cream cone combined with:
      • Vanilla ice cream scoop
      • Strawberry ice cream scoop
    • Hotdog combined with:
      • Ketchup
      • Mustard

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog tab by François. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.000:

  • Ice cream van: That old ice cream van needs to be replaced. Cost: $300
  • Counter: A plain board as a counter isn't good enough anymore. Cost: $200
  • Shop sign: No stall can do without a beautiful shop sign. Cost: $100
  • Flowers: A few flowers here and there cheer up everything. Cost: $200
  • Popcorn stall:The popcorn stall is past its prime. Cost: $200
  • Grass lawn: Those brown spots on the lawn look bad. Cost: $400
  • Picnic benches: New solid wodden benches last much longer. Cost: $300
  • Chicken rider: A park needs to have a chicken rider for the children. Cost: $300

​The cleaner of this restaurant is François, unlocked on Day 7. The entertainer is Ziggy, who plays guitar for the customers. He is unlocked on Day 3.

The Second RestaurantEdit

  • The Bistro
  • The Bistro Decoration Menu

The Bistro is Uncle Antonio’s Italian bistro. It has 10 unique deliverable items:

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Coffee
    • Ice tea
    • Bagel
    • Salad
  • Combining items:
    • Baguette combined with:
      • Italian salami
      • Cheese
  • Baked items:
    • Chocolate chip cookies (stocked up to 6)
    • Cheesecake (stocked up to 6)
  • Need to be mixed items:
    • Mushroom soup
    • Onion soup

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog tab by François. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.000:

  • Tree: A bit of extra green makes the difference. Cost: $100
  • Green plant: With beautiful green leaves. Cost: $200
  • Lights: New lights give the place a warmer feel. Cost: $200
  • Aquarium: An aquarium creates an appealing atmosphere. Cost: $300
  • Tables: New coloured tables to sit at. Cost: $300
  • Curtains: New curtains wouldn’t go astray. Cost: $200
  • Rugs: Beautiful rugs for under the tables. Cost: $200
  • Kitchen: The old kitchen begins to show signs of wear and tear. Cost: $500

​The cleaner of this restaurant is François, unlocked on Day 6. The entertainer is Norma, who dresses up as a clown and does some juggles for the customers. She is unlocked on Day 4.

The Third RestaurantEdit

  • The Italian Restaurant
  • The Italian Restaurant Decoration Menu

The Italian Restaurant is Uncle Antonio’s Italian. It has 8 unique deliverable items:

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Capuccino
    • Latte macchiato
    • Salad
    • Garlic bread
  • Combining items:
    • Spaghetti combined with:
      • Tomato sauce
      • Champignon sauce
  • Baked items:
    • Pizza combined with
      • Italian salami
      • Anchovy

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog tab by François. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.000:

  • Rugs: Lovely soft rugs. Cost: $200
  • Tables: Fancy tables for discerning diners. Cost: $300
  • Lighting: This lighting suits the place much better. Cost: $100
  • Vines: It’s not complete without decorative vines. Cost: $100
  • Fireplace: Atmosphere enhancer numero uno. Cost: $400
  • Paintings: Genuine art for a sophisticated look. Cost: $300
  • Kitchen: A kitchen with a rustic atmosphere. Cost: $400
  • Plants: More plants for an even more inviting atmosphere. Cost: $200

​The cleaner of this restaurant is François, unlocked on Day 4. The entertainer is Uncle Antonio, who plays the violin for the customers. He is unlocked on Day 6.

The Fourth RestaurantEdit

  • The Cafeteria
  • The Cafeteria Decoration Menu

The Cafeteria is Uncle Antonio’s old closed cafeteria. It has 8 unique deliverable items:

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Strawberry juice
    • Orange juice
  • Stocking items:
    • Coffee
  • Combining items:
    • Waffles combined with:
      • Cherry jam
      • Maple syrup
  • Fried items:
    • Hamburger
    • Fried egg
    • French fries

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog tab by François. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.000:

  • Neon letters: Neon letters for the walls. Cost: $100
  • Rugs: Completes the restaurant. Cost: $200
  • Cadillac table: The ultimate fifties experience. Cost: $300
  • Floor lighting: Neon, neon, neon and even more neon. Cost: $400
  • Jukebox: Guarantees a swinging lunch. Cost: $300
  • Plants: Even a cafeteria can’t go without a bit of green. Cost: $200
  • Tables: This time from a real high quality plastic. Cost: $200
  • Kitchen: A beautiful kitchen is always a good investment. Cost: $300

The cleaner of this restaurant is Marcello, unlocked on Day 5. The entertainer is Norma, who portrays Marilyn Monroe. She is unlocked on Day 3.

The Fifth RestaurantEdit

  • The Sushi Bar
  • The Sushi Bar Decoration Menu

The Sushi Bar is the new property that Uncle Antonio and Emily bought. It has 12 unique deliverable items:

  • Ready to serve items:
    • Miso soup
    • Stir-fry noodles
    • Sake
    • Green tea
  • Combining items:
    • Nigiri combined with:
      • Ebi (Shrimp)
      • Maguro (Tuna)
      • Kappa (Cucumber)
      • Tamago (Omelet)
    • Maki sushi combined with:
      • Ebi (Shrimp)
      • Maguro (Tuna)
      • Kappa (Cucumber)
      • Tamago (Omelet)

The decoration is exhibited on a catalog tab by François. There are 8 decorations available to be bought, costing a total of $2.000:

  • Sliding door: A paper sliding door for a stylish entrance. Cost: $200.
  • Tables: At these tables, the sushi will taste even better. Cost: $200.
  • Aquarium: The customers can stare at them for hours. Cost: $300.
  • Art: Something nice to look at while you're eating. Cost: $200.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is the cherry on the cake. Cost: $300.
  • Koi carps: What, how much money for a couple of fish? Cost: $400.
  • Rugs: Because wood and steel alone is a bit cold. Cost: $100.
  • Bonsai trees: Minimal size, maximum atmosphere. Cost: $300.

The cleaner of this restaurant is Marcello, unlocked on Day 5. The entertainer is Norma, who is dressed as a gueisha. She is unlocked on Day 3.


Emily gets an unexpected call from her uncle Antonio. He tells her that Marcello has disappeared and asks for Emily's help in the restaurants. Emily sets up a lemonade stall in order to raise enough money to keep the Bistro open. Before long, Francois runs into her in the park. She tells him that she'll explain the situation to him later, to which he replies that she should fix up the place a bit, opening his decoration catalog for her. With the help of Francois, Norma and Ziggy, Emily gradually makes enough money to keep all of Antonio's restaurants open. To get back at Freddy Fries, she decides to open her own sushi bar and steal his customers away from him.

The Happy CustomerEdit

  • The Happy Customer - The Park
  • The Happy Customer - The Bistro
  • The Happy Customer - The Italian Restaurant
  • The Happy Customer - The Cafeteria
  • The Happy Customer - The Sushi Bar

The game features ten bonus levels in an endless mode. To unlock them a restaurant's endless scenario, all ten days must be completed. Completing all days with expert scores also unlocks the expert scenarios. With no goal scores and time limits on endless mode, the goal is to last for as many consecutive days as possible, with more and more customers showing up each day. On the selection screen, each scenario has a short description explaining what's going on and how it affects gameplay.

The Park: Such lovely weather. Everybody is walking through the park with happy smiles on their faces. 

(Customers come in with great moods)

The Park (Expert): It's holiday time and all the children are playing in the park. I hope I can scoop ice creams fast enough. 

(Lots of children and high demand for ice cream)

The Bistro: I've never had so many tips before. Did everybody get their tax returns?

(Higher tips)

The Bistro (Expert):  Sweet is the new trend. The cookies and cakes are a big hit.

(High demand for cookies and pie)

The Italian Restaurant: Oh no, a flu epidemic. Uncle Antonio and Francois are ill. Today I'm on my own.

(No Francois and Antonio to help out)

The Italian Restaurant (Expert): Where do all the love birds come from? Could it be Valentine's Day today?

(Customers come in pairs of two)

The Cafeteria: It's been raining all week. I've never seen so many sour faces.

(Customers come in with bad moods)

The Cafeteria (Expert): I can't find my big tray anywhere. I'll have to use the small one today.

(Smaller tray size)

The Sushi Bar: Why is everybody coming in on their own today?

(Only single customers)

The Sushi Bar (Expert): People are hungry. Double orders galore.

(Lots of double orders)


Main article: Trophies
Trophy cabinet

Trophy Cabinet

There are 12 trophies to be earned on this game.

Marble ice cream: Complete all the days in the park.

Copper croissant: Complete all the days in the bistro.

Bronze espresso: Complete all the days in the Italian restaurant.

Silver hamburger: Complete all the days in the cafeteria.

Golden chopsticks: Complete all the days in the sushi bar.

Restauranteur extraordinaire: Reach an expert score every day. You have X (days) to go.

Excellent taste: Understand your customer's taste and give each restaurant its optimum design. X (number of restaurants) have been decorated really well.

Employees of the month: You get this pat on the back when 100 satisfied customers leave your place. There have already been X (number of customers) satisfied customers.

You should be ashamed: You receive this enormous honour when 100 angry customers have stormed out. So far you've reached X (number of customers).

Fire brigade subscription: The fire brigade gives this award to anybody who lets something burn 100 times. So far, you've let a total of X (number) things burn.

Money shovel: Try to earn at least 6,500 in one of the scenarios of The Happy Customer. Your highest score so far is X (amount of money).

Tip magnet: Earn 10,000 in tips and collect this award. The tip counter now reads X (amount of money).


  • Home Screen
  • Calendar view

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