AlfonseAllison HeartAmelie
Angela NapoliAntonio NapoliArabella
AshlingBettyBianca Napoli
Bill TylerBradBrigid Duffy
Carl the MouseCarlosCarmen
CarolChance FoleyCharles
ChuckConnor McCoyCustomers
Dainton WuDaisyDaniel Summers
David QuinnDeck the HallsDelicious
Delicious - Emily's Big SurpriseDelicious - Emily's Childhood MemoriesDelicious - Emily's Christmas Carol
Delicious - Emily's Holiday SeasonDelicious - Emily's Home Sweet HomeDelicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise
Delicious - Emily's Hopes and FearsDelicious - Emily's Message in a BottleDelicious - Emily's Miracle of Life
Delicious - Emily's New BeginningDelicious - Emily's Taste of FameDelicious - Emily's Tea Garden
Delicious - Emily's True LoveDelicious - Emily's Wonder WeddingDelicious 2
Delicious Emily's New BegginingDelicious Emily's WikiDelicious History
DesmondDorianEarnest Templeton
Easter eggsEddieEduardo Napoli
ElvisEmilia NapoliEmily O'Malley
EmmaEnid TempletonEric
Evelyn NapoliEvelyn SleezleyFlannery
Francois TruffautFreddy FriesFresco
GillonGino NapoliGrace Stepford
HankHeart's Medicine: Time to healHemingway
HollyHung YaoHunter
IrisIvyJean Paul
Jenny-LeeJenny GarciaJenny Pope
Jewel JacobsJimmyJoe Albright
John SummersJoshKate O'Malley
Kitty JacksonLilyLisa (Heart's Medicine)
Ludwig GreenMackMadeline
Maggie TylerMarcello NapoliMarco Napoli
Mary (Delicious)Mason HamiltonMathilda Heart
MatthewMichael OwenMo
Moon BlossomNadiaNorma
Paddy O'MalleyPaige O'MalleyParsley
Patrick O'MalleyPaulPhilippe
ProductsRichard GreenRobin Fisher
RosieRustyRuth Phelps
Ryan MaplesSamSanta Claus
ShaniquaSharon StepfordSid
Sophia GomezSun LotusTapeesa
TashiTed DortonTrophies
TrufflesVictor HamiltonVictoria
Vinicio NapoliVinicio Napoli Jr.Virginia Hills
Vito NapoliZiggy

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