Allison HeartAmelieAngela Napoli
Antonio NapoliBettyBrad
CarmenChance FoleyCharles
Connor McCoyCustomersDainton Wu
Daniel SummersDavid QuinnDeck the Halls
DeliciousDelicious: Emily's Home Sweet HomeDelicious: Emily's Wonder Wedding
Delicious - Emily's Big SurpriseDelicious - Emily's Childhood MemoriesDelicious - Emily's Holiday Season
Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon CruiseDelicious - Emily's Hopes and FearsDelicious - Emily's Message in a Bottle
Delicious - Emily's New BeginningDelicious - Emily's Taste of FameDelicious - Emily's Tea Garden
Delicious - Emily's True LoveDelicious 2Delicious Emily's New Beggining
Delicious Emily's Taste of FameDelicious Emily's WikiDelicious History
Easter eggsEduardo NapoliEmily O'Malley
Evelyn NapoliFrancois TruffautFreddy Fries
GameplayGeorgeHeart's Medicine: Time to heal
Jenny GarciaJenny PopeJoe Albright
John SummersKitty JacksonLisa (Heart's Medicine)
Ludwig GreenMarcello NapoliMary (Delicious)
Mason HamiltonMathilda HeartMatthew
Michael OwenNormaPaige O'Malley
Patrick O'MalleyPaulProducts
Richard GreenRobin FisherRuth Phelps
Ryan MaplesSamSanta Claus
SnuggfordSophia GomezTashi
TrophiesVictor HamiltonVictoria

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