Marcello Napoli
Personal information
Age Unknown (Adult)
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupation Bookkeeper for Antonio's restaurants
Family Antonio Napoli (father)

Emily O'Malley (cousin)
Angela Napoli (cousin)
Eduardo Napoli (uncle)
Paige O'Malley (cousin)

Friends Norma
Appearances Delicious 2
Marcello Napoli is a supporting character in Delicious 2. He is Emily's cousin and Antonio's son.

Personality Edit

Marcello is fickle and irresponsible, leaving Antonio in serious debt after gambling his money. At the start of the game, Antonio says that "Marcello has disappeared again", indicating that he has done so before. It is hinted that Marcello has a gambling addiction, which Freddy Fries took advantage of by convincing him to gamble the bistro's earnings. However, Marcello seems genuinely sorry for what he's done, and helps Emily and Norma out by cleaning tables. When Emily says Marcello doesn't deserve  to rest after what he's done, Antonio defends him, saying he's a slacker, but deep down he's a good boy. At the end of the game, Emily says he seems to finally be developing a sense of responsibility.

Appearance Edit


Marcello's in-game appearance

Marcello is a slender young man with light skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He has long sideburns and a small goatee. In Delicious 2, he wears brown pants and an orange shirt with green sleeves.

Early life Edit

Little is known about Marcello's childhood. It is unknown who his mother is or what happened to her. It can be deduced that Marcello was a mischievous child, as he once took Antonio's secret recipe as a joke. Strangely, Marcello does not appear in Emily's Childhood Memories, even though he and Emily appear to be around the same age, and Antonio visited Emily often.

Delicious 2 Edit

Marcello has left without saying a word after leaving Antonio in debt. While Emily and Norma are working in the cafeteria, Marcello returns out of the blue. He is eager to make amends and helps out by clearing tables.

It is unknown what became of Marcello after Delicious 2, as he is never seen or heard from again. It is possible that he disappeared again. He isn't invited to Emily's wedding in Emily's Wonder Wedding, which could possibly indicate that he doesn't keep in touch with his family.

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